How to Open Spirit Eyes? This is my Testimony on it.

How to Open Spirit Eyes? My Testimony on Open Spirit Eyes.

It can be done!

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How do you open your spirit eyes? There are two meanings that I know about to this one term. One, is to open your eyes of understanding to the supernatural powers of God. The other, is to actually see the spirits that live in the world.

I have had both experiences. With the eyes of my understanding, I am able to see spiritual things. Good and evil. Carnal and spiritual. Supernatural working and natural occurances. Quantum Physics? The other I have actually seen spirits. Black and scary spirits. They blend in with the night time light. Birds that fly through walls. Snake and sphinx shaped creatures. Colorful giant snakes.

I am not going to talk about the spiritual eyes of understanding and discernment. The spiritual eyes I am going to give a testimony too is actually seeing spirits. Some people call them ghosts. After I wrote this article I read the book called, 'How to See in the Spirit'. It is written by Michael Van Vlymen. After doing what was written in the book, I did see even more than what's written in the article. The rest of the article is my testimony before I read the book. By the way, over 250 people left a review for the book on amazon. They claimed spiritual sightings in their reviews.

Testimony one: I was walking out in the yard and noticed a black figure on a car. Looking right at it I walked closer. It was completely black, but I could tell it was looking at me. It had a long neck like an alpaca and was the size of a large cat. It's head was also wide and slim. It jumped off the car and disappeared.

Testimony two: A women asked if I wanted to see it. I then saw a colorful, giant sized snake. Looked like a rattle snake. She said she had to close my eyes now. Somehow she can open and close spirit eyes of people.

Testimony three: Spiritual leaders who work for Jesus Christ can see into a person and see their soul. They did this with me so they can discern if I had the holy spirit. They have their spiritual eyes open.

Testimony four: I had a terrible tooth ache and looked in the mirror. I was able to see an all black spirit, looked like a slug moving around in my mouth. For some reason my spirit eyes where open.

Testimony five: A women who operates under the gifts of the holy spirit, prayed to God that my eyes would be opened so I could see and give witness to it. I was able to see the souls of two children when I looked at them. God opened my spirit eyes and I could see spirits.

Testimony six: I was able to hear something hissing while I was laying down. Something struck me on the neck three times. But I could not see it, only hear it. My spirit eyes where not open, but I did hear it.

After reading the book, I saw a cat jump into the kitchen sink. It was white and gray. I saw blue lights beaming down through the ceiling. I was able to see transparent glowing like bugs. They fly around the yard really quick.

Practicing what's written in the book will allow me to see more. Although my eyes are sometimes opened, I cannot feel them and have no awareness of them. I know other people can open them and close them at will. This is not the same as the third eye. The third eye is something different. It seems that most of the time my eyes are closed. I've prayed to God for them to open, and open at will. Now I have the book to help me in my quest to have my eyes open all the time.