What would the world be like with less people in it?

What would the world be like with fewer people around?

Would it be better or worse?

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In our time and day, 2019, the world is overcrowded. Although the earth can support many more people than we have now, maybe we should cut back and reduce it.

We would have more resources per person. Those resources would also be cheaper. Wood, metal, food, water and even plastic.

There would be less war. One of the main reasons for war, is the limited resources caused by overcrowding. Another reason for war, is having not enough space for the people.

There would be less homeless. The only reason we would have homeless people, would be the lack of work the person does. There would be plenty for everyone, even the lame.

There would be less garbage and toxic waste. Toxic waste and garbage can consume all livable space on the limited and small earth. With less people we would be at lower risk.

Pollution from crude oil could stop. The number of people living on the earth would be low enough, that we could burn alcohol. There would be more than enough power from solar cells and wind generators for the whole planet, if the population could be reduced enough.

Rather than filling up the earth until we all die, lets control the population. We could save the earth and the remaining life on it. If we started now, we could see some results in our lifetime. This does depend on your age.

There would be less violence. We learned in grade school, that violence rates are consistent with population count. The more people, the more violence.

More resources, more air, more land, more abundant life for everyone. And we don't know, we might all be resurrected one day.