How to destroy all sexually transmitted dieseases for ever?

How to destroy all sexually transmitted diseases for ever? This problem has had a solution for over 4 thousand years. But there is one problem that has prevented all governments from being able to destroy them.

Marriage system is the solution to the eradication of sexually transmitted diseases. The method is very simple. All children who are clean, stay virgins until married. Those clean children who are now married adults, stay only with their partner, who is clean. Anyone who is not clean cannot marry, but must remain an eunuch. Being an eunuch was having a status of honor in society, extra privileged.

The people who have the virus do not mate with any other person. They will die with the infection and the infection then die with them. We are able to continue having new born babies that are clean, and have no infection.

After so many generations of the marriage system being kept, the viruses are gone. They will not ever return either, as they will have been starved out.

No new viruses can over take the population because everyone sticks to their devoted other. This keeps the old viruses gone, and the new viruses out also. The people will not get sick from having sex, and they at the same time get to enjoy sexual activities. And with that one special somebody.

There are more problems that are solved with marriage other than the sexually transmitted diseases.

So what is wrong with this perfect idea for saving all man kind? Cooperation is the problem. The people will not obey God's commandment. They instead become practice whore-dome, and teach others to practice whore-dome. And they do this knowing they people are going to get sick. Some of them teach others to break God's commandments knowing it will make those people sick, which will then kill them. The idea be-hide this demonic tactic is to turn the entire population towards whore-dome, where they will everyone, become infected. Except for the ones who beguiled them, they practice marriage. Waiting until they drop dead. Believing they have gotten away with one of the worst crimes that exist, having killed millions, maybe even billions. God will judge them, and they will forever live in hell. Except they repent and ask Jesus Christ for mercy.