There are Many Antichrists in the World. This Article talks about Two of Those.

This article was written to show Christians a source of evil that was put into the world by antichrists.

They are called doctors. They go to college so they can have a recognized license. When they have the license that makes them an ordained priest in physicology. This means they have learned the basics of physicology and have proven it with tests.

Physicology is a collection of refined witchcraft and devil techniques that have been learned from demonic religions. Some of those skills where learned by becoming a priest in the ungodly religion. These doctrines and skills are then enhanced to make them more powerful, more potent for the use by doctors.

These witch doctors practice these evil skills on people while denying God. And they will use a demonstration of their skills in an argument saying that God is fake. And it might be true that the witch doctor only knows tricks or illusions, but not all of them are the same. Some of these doctors know where the satanist power comes from, and use it. Both type of doctors lie about the truth of Jesus Christ.

Now I want to say that some of the skills learned by doctors have been from human and animal experiments. Where they are only learning about the human mind. This is not the skills I talked about in the previous paragraphs. However, the antichrists use that knowledge combined with the evil skills to mind control people, and deceive them into going to hell. This is the use of devil and man doctrine. And most of those skills require the doctor to lie and deceive in order for the trick to work. That alone is witchcraft, making them devil's doctrines.

I have been attacked by both kinds of witch-doctors. They have doctrines that I know is a direct opposite of God's word. Doctors are always changing the mind of the world to disbelief in God's word, by making them believe the opposite of what God says. Salt, spanking, forgiveness, oil, faith, wine, are examples of things doctors have deceived people to not believe in. Teaching them ways to lie to themselves, so they will continue to deny God, for the comfort of thinking it will let them get away with evil.

While physicology might have been something good to start with, it has now been turned into a tool be demons. This is true for most of the christian churches. They are wolves in sheep clothing, waiting for the children of God to enter in so they can eat them.