The Cruel and Unusual Acts against Innocent People done by the Judical System: 2016 December.

I will first tell what the carnal looks like to me, then explain to you what the spiritual looks like too me.

First the carnal; People are breaking the law by having possession of illegal drugs. They know they are not supposed to have it, but they keep getting it anyways. They have been told why it was made illegal, but they keep using it anyways. Looks like stubborn people from the outside. That is my carnal view of this debate.

Now the spiritual view from the last paragraph. A demon has possessed people because they had a taste of a drug. The drug is addictive. This means the demon tortures and torments the infected person to continue consuming the illegal drug. Do it or suffer is what the demon does to them. It's not just a little pain, but a very severe pain, even to the point of death for some people. The judicial system then takes these victims and slaves, and severally punishes them for consuming the drug.

The slaves driven by the demons cry out to the judicial system and ask for mercy, but no mercy is given. Some of them with severe punishment are given a chance to repent and turn away from drug usage and they do try. However, the demon continues to beguile them, and also torture them if they refuse the drug.

The slaves do not understand why the judicial system is hurting them for being slaves. They do not understand why the judicial continues to persecute them for something they are forced to do. The judicial has remained blind and deaf for over 100 years to the spiritual side of this problem.

If the judicial system catches them it will punish them by forcing them too live in harsh over crowded conditions for years of their short life. At the same time the demon torments them for not using the drug. After the punishment is done the judicial system then turns them into a minority, so they will suffer for the rest of their life. They are punished after the punishment ends. They find no forgiveness, society was deliberately programmed this way.

The demon, when it has beguiled and tormented the individual into continuing the consumption of the illegal drug, will comfort them, and tell them lies to make them happy for doing it. They are rewarded so too speak. They are welcomed into the demonic society, and forgiven for their faults even though the demon has them there so it can kill them.

The slaves know the demon wants to destroy them, and kill them. But it's the only place they can find comfort, it's the only place they can feel safe.

This article is an attempt to open the eyes of the judicial system, so it might have a chance at repenting itself. What it is doing is evil, but I believe the judicial system is blind and deaf, it doesn't know whats it's doing.