Who is the Minority in the United States, and maybe the Earth?

The people who make up the minority in the United States are criminals. It is not race, or stature of any kind. According to the statistics I found on the internet, 22 percent of American's are in jail or prison. Additional, I discovered that 88 percent of those people are being persecuted for having possession of an illegal substance, such as marijuana or cocaine. That leaves 2.64 percent of the American people who have actually committed a crime in jail.

That's correct, if your a criminal then you are the minority. If your family are criminals, then your in a family who are a minority in the United States. Maybe it's not too late to turn away from a life of crime?

I wanted to say this which is off topic. I believe the drugs that have been made illegal should be illegal. That is because of the harmful side effects. However, I believe the punishment for possession of these drugs is ridiculous. It's like watching a group of children getting beatings with wooden boards because they where laughing. It's also like seeing people tormented and tortured because of the color of their skin, or the color of their hair.

In these modern times, we are still living in times where sneezing will get you executed. It's unrealistic too me, for some reason the law and punishment is coy. It's like a time paradox from a science fiction.