People Running for their Life Daily.

You know of things that can be called superstition? Things about bad luck and how you will die if you do this, or die if you do not do that. Let me explain some modern day superstition that is not oblivious superstition.

People used to be so scared they would run from their own shadow. A thing of the past? Well not any more, it has been brought back into society. People are very scared that their heart is going to stop if they are not constantly moving around. I see these people running up and down the side walks and streets because of their fear. Those people are literally running because they are in fear of their life. They are afraid they are going to die if they do not run around all day.

What else causes healthy people to become paranoid? Fat! Yes they see fat and become worried. They look at fat like it's a mass of man eating micro-opes. They have become so paranoid that people of killed them-self in an attempt to be lean. Some of those paranoid people have killed others in an effort to destroy fat.

Just like the witch hunter and vampire hunters rose up to stop evil, doctors and freelancers have risen up to stop fat. They have also taken the vows to put an end to lazy.

And just like the witch hunters and vampire hunters where exploited to kill people for personal agendas, doctors are being exploited to kill people for sport. Taking advantage of the programmed prejudice, making doctors hate fat and lazy so much, they doctors are literally killing people.

I believe in Jesus Christ, and am obedient to God. I practice spiritual warfare. I have seen the world and spiritual from both perspectives, a believer and none believer. The programmed hatred and paranoid people have about lazy and fat is the work of a devil. The doctrines of paranoia, steal, kill, and destroy.