There is guilt and guilty, but there is also something else mixed in, something that can be stopped world wide.

There is guilt from having sinned. But then there is something else happening to people. There has been things mixed in with guilt that should not be there. These things make people feel bad in a way that is not natural. These guilty things will also make it harder to feel peace with God. It doesn't matter how you feel, God will forgive you.

All I can say about these things that where put into people is a result of the study of the human mind. By exploiting the understanding of how things work with the human mind, people have been able to deal damage. These damaging ideas and concepts are curses.

Sometimes a certain person is a target. Sometimes a group. Sometimes a minority. Yet even more times a majority is chosen. Sometimes it's just for random, a sport. America has been filled with these nasty things that make them feel guilty and ashamed. Sometimes one person gets them started, sometimes a group of people work together to make it spread.

These guilty things are like human brain programs. These programs based on the natural behavior of humans, are programmed to spread from person to person. When children are in school, one of the programmings they are given, is to spread programs.

These guilty things cause suicides and homicides. They are lies and need to be stopped with the truth.