Attack of a Demon, Anxiety, Read this Article if a Demon is making you Feel bad things.

Attack of a demon, anxiety, read this article if a demon is making you feel bad things.

What I will do in this article is explain a personal story about a demon possession I had, and will give some advice on what to do about it.

The first thing that happens is I start to feel strange feelings in my body. At first the feelings where pleasant but then they started to feel bad. Really bad feelings started to happen. This bad feelings, like being high on a drug only it feels negative. This was an anxiety attack.

Because I had the idea that I was being tormented by a demon, that I was infected with a demon, the bad feelings which is called anxiety, really began to feel bad. The worse the feelings the more anxiety I would have. All with the idea that it was a demon, making it even worse.

The doctors cannot diagnose this problem, and I have lost thousands of dollars and my reputation because of anxiety attacks. What is needed is some ant-anxiety pills. Currently I take clonazepam and it has helped me cope with the things causing my anxiety.

The anxiety attacks have many different feelings, so times burning, some times a nasty feeling of disgust, sometimes a feeling of being condemned. It is very painful to suffer from.

What comes with anxiety is negative self talk, and ideas of being condemned by God. God is able to forgive anyone for anything that they could have done. Even the worst crime that exists can be forgiven by God. God has called many wicked and evil people to repentance so he could save them, some of those evil people had killed others.

Seeking a deliverance minister who is a true child of God will help with the anxiety. The deliverance minister can get the demon out of you, and also teach you how you can do your own deliverance.