To deny Satan or Devil, to deny Jesus is to deny God

The information in this article comes from personal expierence. It is a testimony of having falling away from the lord God almighty. It exposes a trick the devil uses to trick people in their hearts and mind to fall away, and be lead away from Jesus Christ.

While in the hospital a man pretended to be God. He had me convinced that it was ok to deny Satan, and also deny Jesus. "You can deny the devil, that is fine. You can deny Jesus, that is fine too. But if you deny me you will find yourself in great trouble." By dening Satan the devil was able to get a foot hold in my belief system. Because this man pretended to be God I was confused and thought, that maybe God is real, but not Jesus. I denied both the devil and Jesus. As a result of not beliving in the devil, and not believing Jesus, I stopped beliving in God.

This lead me on a path away from God, away from God's word, away from the truth. Away from life, and into death. When I relized that I had been lieing to myself about God's existence, I then realized that Jesus Christ is real. I then realized that the devil is also real. After coming back to the light, to life, I then figured out how the devil tricked me into falling away from God.

To deny the devil is to deny Jesus, and to deny Jesus is to deny God. If any of these are denied, then the individual is calling God and God's word a liar.