Time bombs implanted into Christians: It is a deadly seed.

They have been implanting time bombs into Christian's, and just about anyone who believes in Jesus Christ.

What is a time bomb? It's a set of ideas, and set of feelings that have been implanted into the victim. These ideas and feelings make the infected individual ponder, or be curious about something.

After the person has been curious about it, that is the same thing as saying itchy about the idea, the idea is then given a severe solution. That solution is to forcibly, deceive the infected individual to believe something they would normally reject.

A time bomb put in a christian is one example: 'It was then that I had an awakening, it was like a new life, it was like i was born for the first time.' This time bomb is designed to destroy a Christian by filling them with unbelief. Unbelief is evil and God hates unbelief.

The time bomb example above is usually used with pictures and sounds, which will put an associated feeling with the idea. Kind of like putting an addictive drug into your food, so that you would go crazy over the drug if you happen to get any of it. Turning you into an asset for the drug dealer. The other assets are always tempting you to take it, saying how good you will feel.

The people who deny God are liars, and train them-self to be masters of deception. Some of them love deceiving people so much, they will go to school for many years for a career, so they can learn to lie to people. They deny God, but they truly know he is real, they are liars. That is a reason God puts none-believers into hell, because they are not telling the truth. They then try to get other people to deny God, so they too will die.