The Demon of Pride, and Casting it out.

The demon of pride. This article will talk a little bit that is known about the demon's office called pride.

Pride causes the infected individual to become hateful to others. It causes that person to attack other people, all the way to the point of death. And in the end, the person infected with pride will them-self die as consequence of using it.

Pride is responsible for war, famine, domestic violence, depression, rebellion, murder, theft, and also rape. It fills the people around it with lies the same way a toxic cloud of poison fills the people with death.

Pride will introduce another demon, called unbelief. With pride established in an individual, unbelief is able to infect the person. As long as the infected individual has pride manifesting in their life, unbelief will be able to keep a foot hold.

I have been a victim of witchcraft my entire life. One of the attacks I have gotten from them was the infection of an evil spirit who's office is pride. They did this because they wanted to kill me. They wanted to kill me because I am a child of God.

Now that I have identified the origin of this evil spirit, and what it has done to me, I am going to command it to infect the sender. It will go back to the sender and infect them, to inflict them with pain and suffering. This is not done for the purpose of their destruction, or revenge, but to bring down the enemy, for their salvation, if they will repent. The enemy must be destroyed, they must be stopped, and I have the higher authority.

This is a prayer example for other Christians practicing deliverance.

'In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you pride, and all who work with you, to return to the one who sent you, there you will inflict, and infect, and attack them. I also command you to never return to me, and to stay bound to that other person until they have become a true child of God. If you do not obey the command of Jesus Christ, then you will be judged before your time. Right now in the name of Jesus Christ.'

If you have the faith, and are a child of God, then the demon will obey you, or it will die. Sometimes it can take a bit of time before your prayer manifests, sometimes it can happen immediately, it depends on the Lord Jesus Christ.