Is Pride Evil, or is it Good?

Is pride bad or good? I will explain how pride is evil, how evil things manifest out of it.

Pride is a liar. It lies to the person that is deceived by it, and it will deceive the people around the person that is inflicted by pride. Boasting and bragging about greatness, and the greatness is nothing but folly. The person that is infected with pride will attack other people. Hurting them, making them depressed and suicidal. The pride will also infect other people who witness it, because they enjoy evil.

Pride is a demon, and the demon has only come to steal, kill and destroy. It is the devil's curse from God to eat man all the days of the devil's life. Pride has come to eat the man it has infected. Stealing their life, their soul, and becoming satisfied with the man's destruction.

People think that pride can be used for good. They are deceived, being filled with pride from infecting people with the parasite pride. Pride is the reason people will not stop criminal activity. It is the reason they will not stop killing others, or stealing. Because of pride we have evil street gangs, the mafia, and also Hitler. Pride will bring every civilization to ruin, and kill every man that exists. Pride is not here to help us, it is here to steal, kill and destroy.

An example of the evil of pride and how it works is 'Proud to be an American.' That causes the american people infected by it, to hate the people of other countries. Because America will not act perfect before the person filled with pride, the person with pride begins to hate America. Both of these evil manifestations cause war, and at the same time rebellion.

Pride is the reason that not every woman or every man in the United States of America is able to get married. Because of the pride of women, and the pride of men people are abandoned, left desolite and always wanting.

Another thing pride has done is cause people to tell lies. They will lie about their desease or sickness. They will tell lies about their marriage status, or tell lies about their past. This is because in courtship, the other will not accept anyone who is a lesser. Women will reject men if they are not good enough, and men will reject women who are not good enough. That theift from pride has caused the people who rejected them, to loose the perfect soul mate of their life.

Another example is the mistake the United States of America made when it provoked Russia. America is filled with so much deceit by pride, that it believes it can destroy every country in the world with out tribulation. If America gets into a war with Russia, Russia could live the United States crippled, if not destroyed. Russia has enough power that they can kill millions of American's before the war is finished. They also have enough power that they can win the war. Because of American pride, Obahama would not stay off Russian terriotry, provoking the Russians with insults and threats. Now Russian people see American people as blood thirsty whoremongers.

Pride must be resisted, rebuked and sent for judgement so it will be trashed into hell. God hates someone who is proud, not even trying to repent from that evil. A proud person hurts the people around him, killing, stealing, and destroying them.