Feet Itch? How to Cure Itchy Feet.

The cure for that itch that gets on the feet of people is vinegar. The 5 percent vinegar will destroy the fungus that has infected the feet, and also put a barrier up against fungus.

The first time I was infected with the fungus I had suffered the itch for about 3 or more years. The itch was so bad that I was tearing my skin off in desperation for relief. The doctor said they cannot do anything about it, because they do not know what causes it.

My brother introduced to me an anti-fungus spray for athletes feet. The spray will kill the fungus and keep it off for a few days. The spray must be sprayed on and in the shoes, and also the socks. The fungus can get so bad, that the cloths have to be sprayed with it. The anti-fungus spray is very expensive here in the United States.

An effective alternative to the spray is vinegar. Get a 32 ounce spray bottle and put 32 ounce of 5 percent vinegar in it. This vinegar can then be sprayed in your shoes and on your cloths. It can be sprayed covering the interior of a small house, and also a car. It can be used down a short walk way and on the small porch.

One 32 ounce bottle of vinegar will cost about one dollar here in the United States of America. It would cost about six dollars for 1 ounce of the anti-fungus spray.

Often the fungus becomes very active after it rains here. This means I will get a fungus infection requiring a dosage of vinegar. I spray the vinegar on, and it will take about 5 minutes for the itch to stop. The itch will remain gone until I have taken a shower. Then I need to apply more vinegar to my feet.

I cover my floor with vinegar and my couch and bed. I cover my shoes with vinegar and also spray the inside of them. The problem with my shoes and vinegar is a smell will start to come out of them from the vinegar action. Baking soda in the shoes will alleviate the smell.

If you are suffering from itching feet, then give vinegar a try. Never try a spirit, the spirit will cause the fungus to become very active creating severe burning and itching. I had to use running water over my feet when I made this mistake.