The third temple is not going to be build at this time.

How do I know the third temple's construction is not now? I am not speaking in blasphemy or disbelief of God. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and trust and know that he's prophecy will come true. But I am certain that even though the people of Israel are trying to construct the third temple, that it will not be done.

The site, the location they have chosen for the construction of the third temple is the wrong place. The first and second temple never existed at the site they call, the temple mount.

There is no river there. The priest had to wash in the river before going inside the temple. It was also used to wash away the blood from the animal sacrifices.

There is a huge rock in the center of the location of the temple. According to geologist the rock has been in that location for millions of years. Had either temple been at this site, there would be no rock.

There is a fight going on over the rock and the location of the construction site. It be coincidence is a holy place for another religion other than the Jewish faith. A fight that can be stopped.

If the Jewish people will go to the old city of David, and try to locate the real location for the temple. They will discover that they will have no fights over the third temples construction site. They will only need money to build it.

Why do they not believe that they have the wrong site. Well let me explain this, they might know that they indeed have the wrong site.

For almost 100 years the Jewish people, and also tourist from all over the world have been visiting the place called the temple mount. They have been coming here for 100 years to pray in the holy place. To get as close to God as they can.

So now suddenly, the Israel government says, "Oops, my bad, wrong place, sorry about that but it's really over here." And can you imagine them saying that after having killed people for that rock that is in the temple mount?

If it can be known that the temple mount is really in the old city of David, and not on that hill they call the temple mount. All the fighting for that million year old rock would end. And the third temple can be build, just as the prophecy says.

The third temple is not going to be built until Israel finds the correct location. This is true unless God wants the temple built in a different place.