Coping with not having Sex in Heaven. Two Ideals.

Without quoting the Scriptures literally, I want to say that Jesus said there will not be marriage in Heaven. He said this is because there is no female or male in heaven.

The first ideal that I want to give you the reader to have as a coping skill with this knowledge, is the fact that sex is a vanity. When we enter heaven, and if there is no sex because we do not posses sexual organs for that task, then we also will not have a libido. That means sex will not matter to us, it will be no more important than something we have never heard of. As if it doesn't exist, or never has existed. No sex in heaven does not mean we suffer from the evil sexual desires that Satan uses to deceive us into sinning.

The last ideal I want to give for the reader to cope with the ideal of no sex in heaven, is this. Jesus also said there is no rank in heaven, that we are all equals. Maybe what Jesus said was that we will not marry, because we are equal in rank with each other. There could be sex in heaven, we just do not get married, never taking a vowel of devotion to each other.

I am coming into agreement with the rest of the churches, that Jesus said and literally means that there is no sexual organs. If that is true, then it also means that I will not have any feelings for sex, having no libido. This also means that without my sexual organ and libido, I will come closer to perfection.