Something Everyone Indulges in that Causes them Brain Damage.

The world is addicted. There are very few people in the world who are not addicted to the things the world is addicted too. I will only talk briefly about what I have observed.

Fist is music and television. Almost everyone in the world listens to music and looks at television. They are messing them-self up. Television and also radio have has been making them demented for over one hundred years now. It is damaging to the brain, keep reading, I will prove it.

First I will prove they are addicted. Have you ever heard people say, "It's so quite in here, I can't stand it." They always complain about the silence, that they at least need to hear some kind of music. Even music that is old that they don't normally listen too, just as long as they can hear music. The silence causes them painful withdrawal feelings.

Really how many of you tried going without watching television or listening to music for more than 2 months? I bet you hated that idea for some reason. The idea of not watching the news or hearing some music is painful, why? Because of the addiction you have to it. People who suffer from drug withdrawal, people who are quitting things like tobacco, have relapse peroids in their struggle. If you stop watching television and stop listening to music, you too will have the same relapse struggle. You will end up with those same relapse feelings that drug abusers have when they are in rehab. This assumes you have the will power to stay off the music and television. Other than the feelings you will have the nightmares that people have when they stop with a drug. It will be about the music or television.

Is it damaging you brain? Yes it is, I will explain the signs, the things I have seen that are true indicators of brain damage. For one, the addiction. The people who watch and listen to the media are addicted. Addiction is the result of chemicals. It means they have a chemical dependency. The next sign of brain damage, is the way people act. They behave differently than the people who do not watch television, and do not listen to music. The behavior patterns of people will change if they are kept away from music and television.

They become angry and agitated when listening to music. The longer they hear the music that they refuse to stop with, the more dangerous they become. Television and Music are one of the causes of violence. Everyone is aggravated because they cannot get their fix. They have had too much of it.

The news is free, if you want the future weather forecast, you can have it in less than 5 minutes. Yet people will sit watching a news station for hours, claiming they want to see the weather. They know how easy it is to find out what they want, but for some reason they watch the television. They will do this even though they hate everything they are seeing.

Give it a try for 7 days. Stop with the music and stop with the television. See if your head starts to feel good after being off that nasty stuff.