How to invest God's word into the world like a bank investment?

If you can find a way to communicate, then you have a way too spread the truth about God, about Jesus Christ. Video games, fictional books, short story books, and even movies can all be used for God's purpose, the same way it's used for the devil's purpose.

All you need to do in the video games or books, is uplift God, and bring down the devil. Give God the glory, priase and honor for the victory rather than the devil in your chosen media. You might put in God's doctrines and expose the devil's doctrines as lies. This is how the devil is promotoing himself, and we can do the same for Jesus Christ.

This short article is one example of me making an investment of God's word. Rather than not doing nothing with the wisdom that God has given me, I have chosen to write articles.

If you choose to write articles, then I highly recommend disabling any comment system. Your mental health and safety will be better without a comment system.

Copyright: 2016, Christopher Wesley Joyner