How to be Good.

This article will talk about some of the basics on how to be a good person. It will also talk about the benefits of being good, and the penalty for being bad. Converting to good from bad, or even from neutral, is a life long process that must be practiced every day. When an individual goes on the walk of becoming good rather than bad, being good will become a natural part of that individual's life.

The first part is to devote yourself to God, through God's son Jesus Christ. Do the sinners prayer, get baptized by both water and spirit.

The next part is to know good, and to know evil. The individual does not need to become evil, or do evil to know evil. Knowing and practicing good is more valuable than all the money in the world, it is worth life, and immortality. The best source of good and evil, is written in the Holy Bible, specifically the King James Version. It will tell you good and evil, it will teach you right from wrong. The 10 commandments is only a start, there are many other good things, and many other evil things written in the Holy Bible.

After the individual becomes aware of evil, and evil that is being practiced by that individual, the individual is to repent, confess the evil to God (Jesus Christ), and ask to be forgiven for it. Sometimes repentance takes time, it takes practice. It sometimes cannot be done the first time. Sometimes it has to be practiced many times before repentance is acquired. Good can be put in place of the evil during repentance to make this more effective. Where the individual would do something evil, the individual will deliberately do a good act in it's place. In medical science they call this rewiring the neurons.

Things that are evil are death, destruction and theft. Things that are good are prosperity, life and blessings. All things that the word of God calls evil, will lead to theft, death and destruction. It might not happen immediately, but happen over a long period of time, but it will eventually show itself with it's fruit. Good will do the same thing, but the fruit that comes from it will give life.

To be evil is to be crazy. To be good is to have a sound mind. Evil is an idiot, suicidal, murderer, destroyer, thief, liar, slave and dead. Good is life, builds up, rewards, saves lives, preserves life, can tell the truth, free, and a slave master.

People who practice evil, curse them-self. They do this unintentionally and intentionally. Those that practice good bless them-self, intentionally and unintentionally.

God has made a promise to evil and good. Evil will be set on fire for eternity, and good will live in paradise.