Are they Reading your Mind? Read this Article to Learn how.

Do they know your secret thoughts? What about the thoughts that are not active? The answer is yes they can know. In this article I will explain two ways people are able to get secrets. This article is designed to teach people to find a way to keep silent.

The first one I will explain is the none spiritual method. In this method the listener uses reading skills and techniques to read a person's mind.

One reason this is possible is because of an exploit with a natural part of the human brain. When we think to our self silent, we will sometimes do what is called sub-vocalization. This sub-vocalization causes us to move our lips in speech of something we are thinking about.

Another problem with sub-vocalization is the fact that we will also whisper very quietly to our self. This can be heard by other people, especially if they are using a hearing aid for this purpose.

Yet one more reason sub-vocalization is used to read people's mind, is the fact that the speaker will breath what they are thinking. Yet again with a hearing aid it becomes very easy to read the person's mind.

Sign language? Yes almost all people who have not trained to keep silent, will use sub-vocalization using sign language. We have a natural set of gestures and signs with our hands and body that can be read by someone who understands the language.

The movement of the eyes, the hands and body. The way a person breaths, and lip syncing are the things I know about reading a person's mind. The next part of the article explains how some people in witchcraft read minds, and how some people who are with God read minds. (besides the sub-vocalization).

In witchcraft the individual who is reading uses what's called a demon. This demon is able to do the mind reading using other demons. It then tells the listener what it wants them to know.

Sometimes the person might have engaged in an activity, such as a relationship or shopping at a store. The demons that are trying to kill that person witness these events and then tell the witch. They want the witch to steal, kill and destroy. That is why they would do this.

With Christians, God's people, the holy spirit, the spirit of God might tell them something about the person. This is only for the purpose of the Godly person to save the individual. God will keep secrets for you, but not about everything.

So how do we keep are private life hidden? Try to learn not use sub-vocalization. There is skills for learning and training to do this thing. One place this skill is taught, is with speed reading courses.

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