Is the World Crazy? They have done this for Millions of Years.

Is it fiction or fact? Millions of people for millions of years have considered it a fact. Seeing is believing and so is feeling it. Is it possible for you to participate in this reality with everyone else?

Witch craft, demons and God. A war that has been going on for as long as we human's on earth have been able to record our history. Evil versus good, God versus the devil. These things are called mythology by science.

Even though science calls it mythology, there for some reason causes millions of people to participate, and practice it. Some people disobeying God's commandments, and the others obeying God's commandments.

Why would something that is fake be practiced for millions of years by people. Are they all crazy? According to the word written in the Holy Bible, the people who do not believe have been blinded, and made deaf so they would not be able to hear or see it. This causes him to see spiritual things as a delusion, and also as a hallucination.

There is a huge number of people that have had this hallucination. And for millions of years they have had the same one. Yes it is possible for an entire world of people to be wrong about the same thing.

Spiritual people that are with either the devil or God, posses wisdom and knowledge that the unbelievers do not have. It is wisdom that can only be acquired through the presence of belief. Unbelief is evil, and evil only steals, kills and destroys.

Christianity see the blind and death as given excuses for not believing, as they know if they see it, or hear it, they would become aware of their deeds as evil. It would reveal to them the fate they will face if they do not stop doing evil works. They would no longer be excused for their evil, as they know their doing evil and do it.

Godly and ungodly people have both had their prayers and commands answered. They understand the logic, the reasons for having a specific command or prayer go unanswered. Seeing is believing? The answered prayers are also felt and perceived with many of the senses of the human mind.

The unbelievers go on attempting to destroy God's children with the usage of unbelief. The devil worshipers, witch's, warlocks and all other classes of Satan's children go on trying to destroy God's children with the evil forces of darkness, the demons.

God's children continue to bring to life the dead and save those people who have been lost, stolen and destroyed by the devil. If you understood what I mean by the last sentience, then you might be spiritual and savable. The foolish man cannot understand the meaning of that sentence, and would say it's impossible, after misinterpreting it.