Why is the free shipping trend raising the cost of living?

How could getting free shipping be a bad thing? Some of the free shipping is good, but the others are bad. In this article I will explain the bad things about the free shipping trend.

Number one, it is not really free. The over estimated price of shipping is added onto the final price. If the merchant is not yet using this practice then eventually they will in order to stay in business.

If amazon or Walmart is offering you free shipping, make sure the merchant is really one of those two. The other merchants might truly be loosing profit as a result of shipping, but not very many of them can do this for the purpose of staying in business.

Number two, no more combined shipping discounts. This is because the final price of the item has the shipping added on it. This means bigger profits for the merchants, and higher cost of living for the consumer.

What makes you think it would be possible to ship out those items to the buyer without charging shipping. Sometimes the shipping cost is higher than the profit, and also higher than the item itself.

At the moment here in 2016 the seller Amazon is honest about giving away free shipping. But they only do that if they get a certain total number of profit per package. Shopping on Amazon can be tricky, because Amazon is not the only merchant on Amazon's webpage.

Number three, all the merchants see the extra profit made from the shipping charges. Now that all merchants practice the free shipping scheme, we will never have combined shipping discount again. This means we will always be over paying for shipping charges, no matter where we shop, or how free it says it is.