Is it Possible to Clone People? What about Hillary Clinton?

How does the a cloning method work in witchcraft? This method can be seen as something other than witchcraft, but witchcraft is were it can be discovered.

I heard a deliverance minister tell me that she believes Hillary Clinton was cloned. She believes that Hillary Clinton really died in a plane crash. Can this be possible, well yes it can.

The cloning process is simple and easy enough, you just need to gather the correct people. You need the person being cloned and the person who already looks so similar to the person being cloned, that they can be identified as the other person.

The person being cloned shares all the deep secrets and personal information with the clone. The clone will do the same with the other person if that person is also going to be a clone. This means they could be switching sides.

After the information has been traded they will then trade cloths, trade car keys, and change their hair. The clone then goes to the other person home, and lives there as if she is the real individual. The person that was cloned will also go to the clones house, and do the same-thing.

As long as the clones keep quite and say nothing about the truth, they can do this and not be discovered.

One reason a person would be clones is to carry out an order given to a leader. That leader has many people that can clone the leader. Such as Hillary Clinton. Do not let me mislead you, I do not know if Hillary Clinton was cloned or has clones.

A second reason a person would be cloned is to replace them. They might want an office in the white house or that chair in the government. They would do something to make the real Clinton disappear, and then put the clone in place.

It's normal for people to make sudden life style changes. They even can be so sudden and dramatic at their change, not even the way they blink or say things is the same anymore. And it's true, the person was not cloned. The belief in this is one reason why a person can be cloned.

There is a major problem with cloning. Cloning a person who has been finger printed, or cloning a person who has their DNA on file. This would reveal that the person is not the real.

Jesus Christ, the word of God says that the things that have been hidden shall be revealed. It says that everything that has been hidden, will be uncovered. It's the promise of God.