Why choose Christianity over the other Religions? I will Explain why?

Why choose Christianity. Why Christianity when there are those other religions to choose from. This question itself is a temptation from the devil to fall away from God, so that the devil can eat the man who falls for this lie.

I can tell you right now that I have experienced God's word manifest and come true. he's word has come true from the evil people have done to me, and done to me as a direct result of only being a child of God. God's word says they will do this, it is the truth. The powerful word of God is another reason that I have chosen to be with Christ. When I am obedient to God and he's commandments, he will answer my prayers. Granted it doesn't happen immediately, but neither does the explosion in a combustion engine happen instantly.

Didn't the devil tell me that my life was going to be a living hell until I had given my soul to Satan? That child molesters trick is one more reason I have chosen to stay with Jesus Christ. While I know the devil makes life harder and even tries to kill me because of the fact that I have chosen to be with God, I know that I can have all the devils and even the person in some situations, arrested and then judged. This brings peace to me as my enemies have been destroyed. It is a war of principalities and dominions, and it's my life that is being risked.

Knowing that God's word has only ever told me the truth, and that everything that God said is true has manifested itself, I know that God himself is the truth. Knowing that God is the truth and so is he's word, I know that there is no other God but the lord God almighty, and he's son Jesus Christ, the king of kings and lord of lords. Choosing any other God other than God would be suicidal, and that would make me an idiot, just like God's enemy the devil and Satan.

And after knowing that I know God's promise of putting all people he has declared evil into hell. And along with that knowing the description of hell. Yes, fear of God is probably one of the most important reasons to side with him. Because if I rebel against him, if I go against him, I would only desire for my very existence to end, and never find it. Rather I would find eternal anguish, without ever having a moments rest from it.

I know that when God brings me into heaven, all the things on earth will be over. I will live in paradise and be as if no evil had ever happened. I would even pass from corruptible into an incorruptible creature. I will remember my sin no more, and not the sin of the evil people that I have forgotten.