Joyner's Theory on how Time makes Objects move.

How does time allow us to move forward? Keep in mind that this is not an official theory. I wrote an article on the gravity, and if I am correct then this theory would also be correct for motion. The number for my gravity article is 73. This is article 74.

Time are tiny spheres arranged perfectly. These perfectly arranged spheres are all in counter rotation to each other, all spinning at the same speed and with incredible force.

When another sphere, something that is larger or even smaller such as iron. it has even friction from time on it on all sides. This causes the iron to not move. Put with the friction is changed, then one side has more force than the other. Because of the arrangement of the time spheres, the iron gets pulled forward by times rotation.

The force of time rotating against the iron causes the iron to become pulled, time is rolling all around the iron sphere, making it move. The iron is able to keep the same trajectory, because of time's even arrangement.

The iron will not stop, because of times constant rotating force.

I do not know where time gets the force that fuels it's rotation. I believe that without the interaction of God, time would slow down and eventually stop.