Joyner's Theory on Gravity. It is not Attraction, it is Repulsion.

This is my theory on gravity. It is different than than the standard theories on gravity, in that I believe it's a force of repulsion rather than attraction.

Imagine space being completely void. Now in this void are tiny spheres called time. All of these spheres are arranged next to each other so they form a perfect grid, so that they can occupy the space. Arranged perfectly like the molecules found in glass.

All of the time spheres are spinning. One sphere spins in one direction. The sphere next to it spins in the opposite direction. This keeps them spinning with each other without going in counter rotation.

The last two paragraphs describe time, which is responsible for gravity. Now I will explain how gravity works.

Out in the time spheres, lies a group of bigger molecules called iron. The iron will not spin unless something causes it to spin, which is time. The time spheres spin against the iron molecules, making the iron spin. This causes time to slow down in it's rotation around the iron. The closer the time sphere is to the iron the slower it is. The further away from the iron molecule the faster it is.

Now there is another piece of iron in another location. Because the time spheres slow down from grinding against the iron, there is now a gradual change in speed between the two pieces of iron. Time moves slower between the iron than it moves on the other sides of it.

This gradual change in speed between the iron, where time moves slower, causes the faster moving time spheres to push the two pieces of iron towards each other.

Proof of this theory is in the speed the two pieces travel towards each other, the closer they get the faster they are pushed towards each other. This is because time gets slower and slower between the iron the closer the iron gets to one another, while the outside time spheres remain the same speed.

Another proof of concept is the fact that a planet that is billion of miles away from the sun is 'attracted' by the sun. Billions of miles away and something that is attached to Pluto intertwines with the sun. And even further away a galaxy is 'attracted' to a galaxy.

Doesn't it make more sense for a galaxy to be pushed towards another galaxy because of the speed of time between them, and the speed of time on the outside of them?

Gravity is not attraction, it is repulsion. The reason we stay attached to the surface of the earth is because we are being pushed towards the earth, not pulled.