How to get the walsh protocol treatment with out a walsh doctor.

How can you get the Walsh protocol treatment without a practitioner who knows the Walsh protocol? The Walsh protocol is a set of methods in medical science that diagnose and treat mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar. Currently Dr William Walsh runs a none profit organization who's goal is to teach the world the Walsh protocol to bring this modern and proven treatment to the mentally ill community. With the Walsh protocol people are able to come off their nasty anti-psychotics, without having any symptoms of the mental illness, granted that they must keep supplementing.

Now that I explained what the Walsh protocol is, I will now get back to the subject and explain how to get this treatment without a doctor who knows the Walsh protocol.

Doctor William Walsh said that ninety percent of he's patients have a problem with copper and zinc. There is either too much copper or not enough. As a result the zinc is out of balance. Going to any family medical doctor and asking to have your zinc and copper levels checked is what's needed.

For my condition, I had already supplemented the zinc and it was in range. I then asked my doctor to test the histamine, because my symptoms match the overmethylation status. My doctor has been working with me on this, and I am now waiting for the results of that histamine test.

Reading about the walsh protocol and your problem, doing research on this will help you communicate to your doctor what it is your trying to do. The doctor will almost always want to know why your doing a certain test, and why you think that test should be done.

Your doctor might choose to use test method's that the Walsh protocol doesn't use. These test methods will get the job done, and give the doctor the results he or she needs to help you.

The reason the doctors can diagnose and correct the zinc and copper is because Dr William Walsh has he's method's documented in the medical books. It is recorded in the medical data base that your doctor should have access to for information on the copper and zinc imbalance.

It might be a surprise to you that even though it's documented in the medical books, that modern day medical and mental doctors do not yet check or fix the copper and zinc. This is something Dr William Walsh is trying to fix.

The doctor is hired by you to do a medical job for you. Sometimes ordering tests is the task at hand. The doctor will do what you ask, however, the doctor has laws and rules they must obey.

For my situation, I had already fixed the zinc and copper ratio. I am now working with the doctor to try and find out what the problem is. For now I am doing a histamine test. Today is October 13, 2017. I might update this article in about 10 days.