Why does God Condemn or place non-believers in Hell or Hades?

So why would God put a man in hell for not believing in him. Lots of people see this as an unfair, and an evil act of God. As a result they deny God's existence because it goes against he's image of pure good. God's judgments are righteous, in this article I will explain one reason why God will put some people in hell for not believing in him.

A man who does not believe in God after hearing about him is a liar. He lies to himself, lies to the others around him, and lies to God. The man thinks to himself that if there is no God, then I can fulfill the desire of my evil heart. Because the man loves evil more than good, he will convince himself that God is not real. He will then lie to God, lie to the people around him, and lie to himself. It is an act of denial, the man does not want to give up the evil desires of he's heart. That is why he goes to hell as a non-believer. Not because he could not reason why God was in existence, but because he loved evil more than good.

The devil was able to hide from the man the good things of God, and the bad things of evil. The devil was able to convince the man, that there is no God, because of the man loving evil more than good.

A man's decision has a physical law behind it. When ever a man has a decision to make, the choice that produces the most potent fill good chemicals is going to always be the decision he makes. If a man makes an attempt to go against that physical law, he will remain choosing the choice that produces the most potent fill good chemical. If a man loves evil more than good, evil will be the choice that he chooses. He does not want to give up evil, and would rather loose good. As a result he denies God because of the subconscious voice of the devil telling him to deny God. It tells him many ways to be convinced that there is no God, in an effort at controlling the decision with the feel good chemical, which can result in denial.

Sin cannot enter heaven. It cannot enter heaven because that is the law the God has established. Any thing that breaks the commandment of God is sin, and anything that is sin is evil. The desire of the devil is evil, and that is to kill as many man kind as he can. It is also the curse that was put on the devil by the lord God almighty. We must master sin to save our souls from eternal damnation. We must put away the flesh and put on the spirit body. We have to accept Jesus Christ as or savior, or lord, our God.