Teachers deliberately turn children into problems. Teachers deliberately turn kids into trashy people.

Do teachers deliberately turn children into trashy people? In this article I will explain why I believe the school system turns selected children into rejects.

Having been a student for my entire childhood I have witnessed, and also been part of the school system. I have both been abused by it, seen other students abused by it, and also heard other teachers talking to each other.

My horrible school life started when I was in the third grade. I got a grade C on my math test. That is about 75 percent out of 100 percent. The teacher called for a meeting with my dad to discuss that grade C.

The teacher staff all agreed that to get me to make better grades, I needed to be beaten with wooden boards. That wanted my dad to take aggressive actions against me and hit me with leather and wood. They also wanted to turn and hit me with wooden boards after he was done.

They said this would improve my grades and make me a successful person in life. My daddy rejected their evil plans and told them that it was bad. He said this in other words that I am unable to recall. One of the things he did was started to insult the staff with words of stigma.

The teacher staff declared that I would never make it, because my daddy would not comply with their demands. They said they can tell that I was going to be a problem, and real problem child. "According to statistics, the poor almost always are problems." I learned that from a school staff member.

My third grade teacher started humiliating me in class. She started teaching the other students how to hurt me. They would hurt me without being disciplined. They started doing bad things and accusing me of the trouble. The teacher even coordinated the students laughing at me.

The teacher would mark my correct answers as wrong. She did this in front of the other students and they witnessed that she was purposely grading my correct answers with bad marks.

The other students started stealing my school supplies, they started pulling my hair. The teacher forced me to sit in the front row. The teacher was taken my school supplies away from me after students get up and whisper to her.

She started having the other students grade the papers, at which time my grades really became bad. It was because the other students did not even give me one correct answer.

When ever the other students would do things such as jam the pencil sharpener, she would then accuse me of the damage. When I told her that I was not the one who was guilty she would call that, "Talking back to the teacher." She would ask me who it was that broke the sharpener, then when I would have no one to accuse for it, she would say that it is proof I am the guilty one, because I do not know who it was.

She sent me to the principle's office where they struck me with wooden boards for the vague things they teacher wrote me up with. She did that through out the entire school year.

The torment I was getting from the teacher and other students increased more and more through out the entire third grade. The last day of school was the worst day during the third grade.

I heard the teacher staff say to one another, that the gradual change proves that the school staff is right, and the students and parents are incorrect.

Not all the teachers practiced this type of evil. Some of the other teachers would control the students and disallow them from hurting their peers. However, most of the staff practiced this evil.

I started skipping class in the sixth grade to escape the bad teachers. During that year they had started putting who they called problem children, into a place called juvenile. It is in juvenile that the students are tormented in a way like they have never been tortured before.

I was one of the few who was able to escape being sent to juvenile. The secret is to become self destructive rather than putting your pain outside of you. I tolerated the pain as much as I could, and would sometimes curse the teacher.

I am missing my education from the sixth grade until high school graduation. In high school I had to drop out after turning eighteen years of age. At eighteen in my country you have become legally called an adult. In that age group the school staff are now sending the problem children to jail.

I was able to escape jail after having a court battle with one of the teachers, who provoked me until I could not tolerate it anymore. I once heard that teacher say, that she knows how to irritate people until they can not stand it anymore. I heard her say that is is part of her job to know how to provoke people.

I was not the only student she had a court battle with, the other student, lost the battle and was sent to jail. I learned that this teacher had a reputation for jailing her students.

There had been other times I heard teachers say things to each other. I heard them one time talking about how they can do this, and do that because of what a doctor said about statistics. I also heard them say that they are going to do some of it, and nobody can stop them, because they are teachers.

I heard the school staff say one time, that they are so powerful, that nobody can do anything to stop them.

It seemed from the tings I learned, that the school had a network of power. They had power with judges, doctors, and lawyers. All who supported the school staff. They used that power to destroy the lives of the people they had chosen for destruction.

It had also become aware that were practicing this for over one hundred years. How long the school as been doing this evil thing of deliberately destroying the lives of selected students, I do not know.

I believe the government knows about this evil thing that they practice. And I believe the government wants them doing this to those children. It seems the school is in control of deliberately turning a certain number of the population into violent, abused, out of control, rebellious people.

I know a way to escape the evil that the schools do to those children. If your child is a victim of this evil practice, then you must find a way to put them in home schooling. The idea is to get them away from those evil people, so those evil people no longer have authority over your child.

Home schooling is easy to do. The requirements are light. There is however a little bit of spending that must be done to keep your child out of the hands of those wicked and evil people. It could be the only thing that will save your child's life.