A Chrisitan is Smarter than a Satanist!

What do you mean, a satanist is not smarter than a christian. Everyone knows that the Christians are always mocked, outsmarted and scammed. They are even lead away for the slaughter, without even trying to resist their destruction. Well let me explain.

The reason a christian is smarter than someone who is in the world, is because they have the word of God. If the christian has learned from Jesus Christ the things that are written in the bible, they will be called a wise man. A wise man can bring down a strong hold with the things he knows.

Someone who is in the world, that is someone who is called a satanist, get their wisdom from the demonic spirits that operate in their lives. They are trained to kill, steal, and destroy. They are trained in the life of sin, doing what God said not to do.

A christian is trained in obedience to God, an obedience that naturally makes the Christian's life style smarter than someone who is in the world. Not only is their life style smarter, being obedient to God who hates disobedience is smarter. God will bless their lives as a result of them doing what is righteous.

It is smarter to live and not die. It is smarter to live in heaven, being cared for by God, rather than living in Hell, being burned for eternity. A place where the souls who enter in, are never looked at by God.

If the christian obeys God's commandments, they will outsmart the demons every-time. The devil has to get the individual he is eating to disobey God, that is the only way he can put him in hell, is to have God judge him. Other than being judged, sinning will cause sicknesses, such as sexually transmitted diseases.

Someone who does what the devil wants them to do, has been outsmarted by the devil. The devil has only come so he can steal, kill and destroy. He does this by making the individual do what God said not to do, that makes him less than a christian, who is out smarting the devil, with obedience to God.

The devil cannot outsmart the word of God. The word of God is the truth.