You do not have to cough the demons out to get rid of them.

Do demons have to be vomited or coughed out? My answer is no and I am going to explain why.

The demons pass into the human body without effort or struggle. They are so sneaky they get into a person undetected. They are thieves, they move around unseen and hidden. If you know they are there, then they could be arrested and sent to hell. They pass through your body in a transparent way, and attach them-self to the outside of your spirit. It is your spirit they are attached too. Although they can hook them-self to your flesh, and damage it, it's your spirit they are hanging on to, being spirits.

They can be expelled just as easy as they entered inside. The problem is the demon's are evil, and their goal is to have God send you to hell. They are very persistent, and are not going to take orders from a man. They will take orders from Jesus Christ, which is a miracle from God. And because Jesus Christ has given all of he's children the authority over all of the enemy, a man using that authority can tell them to leave. The man can also have the demon arrested by angels using the authority of Jesus Christ.

So why do deliverance ministers say the demon must be coughed out? This is a method that has worked for the deliverance minister. One deliverance minister named Doctor Pat Holliday, explained that coughing the demons out puts effort into letting go of that evil spirit and the sin that gave it legal right to manifest.

This means that other things can be used other than coughing. I prayed to God to know if I can expel them without coughing. The reason I do not want to cough and vomit is the pain and suffering. I have had lots of deliverance and am sick and tired of coughing, vomiting, and blacking out. Jesus Christ has gotten many demons out of me without me coughing. Sometimes Jesus Christ will get a demon out of me without me having any sense of it, but with the evidence that it is gone. The biggest evidence is when your problem has been alleviated.

Pray to Jesus Christ for it, just like praying for the gifts of the holy spirit. God gives wisdom and knowledge freely to those who ask him for it. God being our teacher is one reason he created man.
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