This call is for all people.

Jesus Christ said that you either will obey he's law, he's commandment, or you will burn in hell forever.

Join Jesus Christ, become one of he's children.

A large majority of the people on earth believe in God, and he's child Jesus Christ.

Sounds like God is an evil tyrant from this article's introduction, but he is not. God wants all of the people of the earth to live, and be happy. He wants them to be fully satisfied in their life.

However, God hates what he has defined as evil.

The devil wants God to put all of the people into hell, the people that God loves. The devil's way of going about this evil work, is to get the people to disobey God, and disobey God in anyway possible.

Jesus Christ was sent from God, to give the people of the earth a way to be forgiven for their disobediance, the forgiveness of their sin.

Jesus Christ is the word of God, the way, the truth, the light, and the book of life. You must be written in the book of life to enter into heaven.

If you decide to join God, become one of he's adopted children, then pray the following prayer.

'Lord Jesus, I have heard your calling and come to you. I ask you to forgive me of the sins that I know of, and the sins that I am unaware of. Please become my God, become my savior. I ask you to enter my heart, and save me from evil.'

After making yourself a child of God, to Jesus Christ. The devil will try to turn you away, he will try and steal, kill, and destroy your life. You must ask God, ask Jesus to show you he's law, he's commandment. Ask Jesus to teach you he's ways, so you can stay away from evil.

The devil may try to get you to join their side. He's not asking you to side with him, he's asking you if he can kill you.

How to break the devil's contract with you.