Tactics Thieves use Today and Forever

What are tactics that thieves use? I learned this from learning God's word. God's word tells me that the thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus was talking about the devil and he's minions. The same things apply to human beings who are evil, as they get all of their evil guidance from the devil.

Tactic number one, is for the thief to be invisible, to be hidden, to be unseen. Even though they might be right in front of you in plain site, you would not know they are there. They conceal the fact they are thieves, moving around in the daylight unseen. They do this through acting, and one reason they are so convincing is because they know the science of psychosis. They are liars. The demons literally move around unseen so they can get inside people.

They never tell the truth. God said a grain of truth will out weight a multitude of lies. The human thieves know if you hear one thing that is true, then it would be like shining light on them when they are hiding in the darkness. Detectives search around in the dark for thieves using the truth. The demons are different, the demons do not tell the truth because they are pure evil, it is impossible for them to do good. Some of the human thieves are liars because of physiological damage, damage that was caused from telling lies.

A tactic that thieves seem to favor in these modern times is to do damage, and blame it on another person, or something else. They will break your locks, or bust the door down. They will go as far as run to you for a report, telling you that something evil had happened, having a clear and convincing idea of who or what is at fault. This is one more way they hide in the darkness. They are like trained ninjas making sounds of animals and throwing objects in a distance for a distraction, or giving you a premeditated excuse of why the trash-can fell over. The demons use this tactic by doing evil to you, causing things to go wrong in your life and then whispering in your mind, as if it was your own thought and saying, 'This is God's fault.' They will also blame people and animals, and also physics. The longer the thief remains undetected and unseen, the longer he will be able to steal, kill and destroy. This is one reason why demons convince people to deny Jesus Christ, it allows them to remain hidden. Because as long as the people deny Jesus, whom the demons are unable to hide from, then Jesus will not be allowed to assist.

A physiological trait thieves have, is the love for darkness. They always want to remain hidden and unseen. They are always telling lies to remain in the darkness, to remain unseen. The truth is light, and using it the thieves can be seen, and seen in such a way the thief wouldn't even know they where exposed.

The thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy. He will kill you if he knew he could steal just a little bit of pleasure. He will destroy your life, and destroy it for pleasure. He will steal everything he can fill himself with, all the way down to the dirt on the bottom of your shoes, he loves darkness, he is evil.

Please do not let the love of darkness trick you into blaming that anyone who loves darkness is evil. Some lawful and good people prefer to remain hidden and unseen, and to only awake in the night time.