A skill for stopping voices with schizophrenia.

I am a schizophrenic who has suffered from hearing voices for 15 years. After getting cognitive therapy from a deliverance minister I learned how to stop the voices from being able to speak. I want to mention the ministers name, Patricia Ruth Holliday.

Patricia Ruth Holliday's recordings that lead me to stopping the voices can be found on blog talk radio. Looking for the artist name, Pat Holliday. The recordings of this knowledge that lead me to stopping the voices is spread out in all her recordings. I will summarize what I learned in this article.

One thing Pat Holliday taught me was that as a child of God, I have the dominion, power and authority over all of the enemy. I am speaking about the voices, I call them demons. Another thing I learned was that the devil cannot have dominion, power, or authority over me unless I give it to him. Pat Holliday said to not let the demons have anything, or do anything. She also had said that your mind is under your control, to not let the demons have anything.

I then realized about three days later to not let the voices speak. I cannot promise this will work for everyone, but I know it has worked for me. I decided to share this article with as many people as possible by self publishing this article, and translating it into over 80 different languages using google translate.

Here is an exercise to help get the mental strength to stop the voices. The voices will use sounds that are near by to be able to speak. Such as a noisy fan. What I have discovered with me, is the noise they use is one that is hardly noticeable. By focus full attention on the noise that causes the voice, I am able to temporarily stop the voices. After being able to temporary stop the voices, focus on not letting the voices talk.

The fight will continue, and medication may still be required as there are also delusions that occur with schizophrenia. Sometimes the voices will be able to get a word in. When that happens forbid them from speaking to you again.

It is written in the holy-bible, that when you resist the devil, he will flee from you.