God's word, God's wrath, God's love.

You might have heard that the gospel of Jesus Christ is that, Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins. And that the only way to heaven is by accepting Jesus Christ. I want to shed some light on this that might not be so clear to other people.

God said to obey he's commandments or he will kill you. To die is to be put into hell. God said that you have to serve he's son Jesus Christ and obey he's commandments or he will throw you out of the kingdom. The only place that is not in the kingdom is hell.

God is angry with anyone who does not obey he's commandments. God abhors evil. Breaking any of the commandments is the action of something evil. God said he will not have sin in the kingdom of heaven, he will not have evil there. Only God is good.

God is patient and long suffering. He is also full of mercy. He gave us Jesus Christ so we would have a way to be forgiven for the evil things we have done, and sometimes, still do even when receiving the holy spirit. God loves all of he's children, and it's he's desire for us all to live, and not die.

Everyone in hell and in heaven, and also on the earth are immortal. The flesh will die, but the indestructible soul will live on. We can choose to bow down and serve Jesus Christ and live in paradise, or we can choose to suffer for eternity in fire (God's wrath).

God owns all living souls, he's wisdom surpasses all of man's puny understanding. He's judgements are righteous and just. There is nothing worth dying for, nothing worth suffering an eternity in God's wrath, hell.