What to do if your wife cheats on you.

In this article I will explain why a man's wife cheating on him can be used for good, rather than evil. It can be used as an opportunity, rather than a disaster.

I seen a man in the mental hospital who strangled he's wife and killed her because she cheated on him. When the doctors exposed the evil crime he committed, they gave him a shot to put him to sleep, and then handed him over to the police. I seen this man's complete life destroyed, literally.

What he could have done rather than kill the wife, was find another wife. He could have found another wife to have yet another baby with. And if that wife cheats on him, then he can yet do it one more time. All with the reputation of being faithful.

When the wife cheats, then that gives the husband a justified reason for divorce. If the husband gently pushes her away, and does not try to destroy her, then that also will be part of the reputation that is building. Other women will see what the man did in the divorce. If he gets destructive with it, then the women will fear him. If he is forgiving and gently divorces, the other women will see that, and this will be the reputation he will have with them.

Here in the United States of America adultery and fornication is against the law. Granted, most of the time it is not enforced by the police. However, this gives me the idea that if a man seduced the wife, then the husband can sue the seducer for the destruction of he's marriage. And like wise, the woman can sue over their husband being seduced.

Christian's know that if the devil steals something from them, such as their marriage then with patience, they can have even more given back to them by God.

The devil is a thief and he has only come to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus Christ has come so that people can have life and more abundantly.