The Perfect Man, Who is the Perfect Man?

"The perfect man". Before describing who the perfect man is, I want to say, that the perfect man is all over the world, and women from all over the world can find one to marry.

The perfect man can be trusted. The perfect man is always faithful. The perfect man will protect you, teach you, raise you into perfection. The perfect man will forgive you, no matter how bad the offense. The prefect man is always with you. The perfect man will save you from hell, and give you internal life, literally making you immortal.

With the perfect man you never have to fear what man will do to you. With the perfect man you will always have someone to talk with, who can resolve your problems. The perfect man will forgive you, and bless you with love.

The perfect man has and will die for you. That perfect man is Jesus Christ.

To find a perfect man, you can find a christian. A christian has a sound mind like Jesus, and is devoted to God. The perfect man obeys God's commandments, and has authority over all he's enemies.

Sadly, he knows that to engage with a woman who is not a child of God, could mean damnation. But thankfully to God, anyone can become a christian. Christian women already know the secret dwelling place of the perfect man.

Know this all you good and obedient women, that there are many men who pretend to be the perfect man. By their fruits you will know if they are truly children of God.