How did the Wicked and Evil People Destroy Themself? This is World wide.

How did the evil social engineers destroy them-self? They destroyed them-self by engineering the people in society to be wicked and evil. It is written that you will reap what you sow.

The more wicked and evil the people in the country become, the more wicked and evil the ruler over those people become. How does this make sense? The people that take the crown or presidency come out of the wicked and evil people. The more wicked and evil the people become, the more a tyrant the ruler is.

God said in the bible, that a wicked and evil ruler is for a wicked and evil people. The wicked and evil ruler will take all the best looking women, he will take all the best of anything that is in the land. He will beat and kill the people. He will imprison them for pleasure. The country will be in a condition of ruin until it's destruction, which most likely comes from an oppressing, enslaving country.

The bible is more than God's word. It is a history book. In the history of the bible we learn that Israel was always attacked and enslaved when they became wicked and evil. Does history repeat itself? Keep going and you will see.

Some people know the country will be ruined if the people become wicked and evil. That is why they fight so hard to destroy it's religion (Christianity). They know without the fear of God they will kill, destroy, and steal everyone and everything around them. They are trained by each other to steal, kill, and destroy. That is their trained behavior. Not because they are crazy. You hear about the crazy people going to jail, because a doctor can diagnose anyone in the United States as crazy, he can find something wrong with anyone. And they do find fault with anyone who is not a doctor. They have too, it is their job.

Some of those people have an agenda against the United States because other people do. Some of them rebelled against their punishment. Some of them want revenge for having to attend school, and then the school abuses them. Some of them are doing it for the pleasure of doing evil.

You have all been trained to rebel and hate your country, what ever country that is. It is trained behavior. And you can defeat your bloody enemies using the word of God, Jesus Christ. Fight back by giving yourself your own trained behavior. Become good, righteous, and God fearing. We could have a land of pure pleasure and richness, if we would do this thing.

The wicked and evil people believe in a thing called honor among thieves. But I know that evil is madness, it kills, destroys, and steals from itself. There is no order in chaos, it is evil.