We should not judge demons before their time.

The reason I am saying that demons should not be judged before their time, is because Jesus didn't judge them before their time. In the book of Matthew of the holy bible the demons named legion tempted Jesus, saying, 'Have you come to judge us before our time?'. But Jesus did not judge them, but instead gave them permission to leave and enter the pigs. Jesus gave them permission to do that, even though Jesus knew what they would do to those pigs.

In the book of matthew we can see that Jesus never judged any of the demons. Instead Jesus commanded the devils to come out of people and leave. It's not their time yet, so it would be invalid to have them judged before their time.

Does God or Jesus judge the demons before the rapture. Yes God does judge demons. Sometimes the devils disobey God, and that will get them tormented. One example of disobedience, is if a christian commands a devil to leave someone alone, and with the name of Jesus. If the devil doesn't do as commanded, then that demon can be punished for it. Only with the authority that Jesus has given to the Christian, can a demon be commanded or punished.