Joyner: Review speaking in tongues.

This is a quick review of what my experience is like speaking in tongues with the holy spirit. There are christian articles mixed with things that are really from the occult, so I decided to write this article.

First thing I will say is that speaking in tongues is not learned. It is a gift given, because it's not me speaking but the holy spirit that is speaking. I only allow the holy spirit to speak through me.

And now precautions. The devil tries to speak in place of the holy spirit which causes me fear. You have to be careful. Another problem is that some spirits and deliverance ministries are not really of God, so they are able to do the same things.

The holy spirit does not blabber, or speak with gibberish. He will sometimes say the same thing over and over again. It all depends on the person.

There should be someone in your church he can interpret what the holy spirit says. Speak in tongues around that person and have them say what he says. This way you can know if it's the holy spirit.

Sometimes the holy spirit can say something that sounds mean. He is not talking to you, but talking to the devils.

Other times he will sing. Praises to God will aid you in your defense, and also bring God closer to you.

The Holy spirit will sometimes speak in your place. He rebukes the devils and even Satan himself, he has done this for me. Other than speaking out of you, you can sometimes here him speak, and speak out loud. Other times he can speak quietly. And yet other times the voice may be of your own.

Other than speaking with a voice, the holy spirit will speak with pictures, making you think of things and remembering. Sometimes he will talk a lot of talk with pictures. Be careful, the devil's decieve in this way.