How to get free electricty for your scrypt or bitcoin miner.

How can you reduce the cost of electricity usage for running a scrypt miner, or even a bitcoin miner? Solar cell panels.

There are DIY kits for building solar cells which can bring the cost of a solar cell down by 60 percent. This reduced cost can cause the solar cell to pay itself off in 2 months in saved money from the light bill.

There are some accessories that have to be purchased with a solar cell to use for a scrypt or bitcoin miner. Basically you need a power inverter. I recommend to have some kind of battery, but for my project, I will try this without a battery, and wire it straight to the power inverter, and then plug in my home made built miner. Project yet to be started.

The gridseed miner is a 100w machine. Unhooking the PSU and plugging the pcb boards into a 12v 150w solar panel would reduce the cost of the energy usage. This reduced cost can make the gridseed have a chance to be able to be profitable. It all depends on how much wattage the unit is, and how much the solar panel and power inverter cost. It also depends on sunny and not so sunny days. When calculating the cost, consider the fact that it can only run for about 8-10 hours on the solar panel.

I am going to experiment with a 2.5mh gridseed PCB board, and a 70w solar panel. If I can get the solar panel to give up 12v, then I will be ready to wire it up to the PCB board for testing. I purchased the PCB board with only the USB cable and wire for power. This means I have to build my own heatsink, and optional case and cover. I am also going to use an old PC case fan I salvaged from the trash. I will be making a heatsink shroud out of carboard. I then plan on overclocking the gridseed and see if my heatsink is as good as I want it to be.

A solar panel could bring higher profits to crypto currency mining.