The bible is proof that Jesus and God are real.

How can the bible be proof that Jesus Christ was real, and that God is real? First thing, the bible is a collection of books. Some of those books are not really books, but letters and testimonies.

The books of Matthew, Luke, John and Mark, are testimonies written down by 4 different people, in 4 different places. The witness that they gave agrees with each other. Not only do we have those books, we also have letters that have been written during the time of the testimonies. Doing modern day investigation skills on the letters and testimonies, the word will check out as the truth. The witness from the people not written in the bible, and the witness written in the bible all agree. These witnesses are from all over the place, and not in any concentrated area.

God is real and so is Jesus. If you ask him for the wisdom, knowledge and faith if he's real, to know if it's true or not, he will give you.