Why does God hate coveting?

I have seen a misrepresentation in the entertainment media about coveting. God's command is for us to not covet. Definition of covet, "Yearn to possess or have (something)." Why is it evil to have a desire, and a desire for something?

God gave us the commandments to protect us. He did not give us the commandment to condemn us. I know because he was quoted in the Holy Bible. When we covet after things, it allows the devil to trick us, to tempt us, to cause sin to manifest. It gives us a weakness that the devil uses to steal from us. It allows the devil to kill us, and then destroy us. Coveting after sex. Coveting after money or wealth. Coveting after things causes us to envy. It provokes jealousy. Coveting after things causes us to be in wantonness. Coveting after things can cause an individual to abandon God, or rebel against him. All this with the help of the devil.

With the help of Jesus Christ we will know that we will not desire any good thing. God will give us the desires of our heart. Coveting is evil and should not be practiced.