Teachers Abusing Students 2016

I attending the primary school in the 3rd grade. It was one of the most horrible times of my life. In this article I will talk about what the teacher done to me, and what can be done to stop these violent, cruel and unjustified acts that teachers have been practicing for over 100 years.

At the beginning I was getting good grades. But one day I got a grade C on my math test. The school called for dad to have a meeting with them to talk about how to fix the grade. The school told my dad that in order to make the C turn into an A, he needed to hit me with wooden boards or leather straps. That this would stop me from getting a C, and cause me to get an A. My dad was opposed to their cruel and abusive decision. He got into an argument with them and called the teacher a nigger.

That teacher then began mistreating me. She also instigated the other students to mistreat me. She would teach them and give them reasons to laugh at me. When grading my papers, that even though I was able to get the same answers as the other students, she would mark it wrong. She had taught the other students how to blame me for things that I had not done. Based on the students reputation, she could then have me disciplined for bad behavior. She also is a professional at provoking the students. I know because she said me she was. She is not the only teacher who is a professional at abuse.

The students where always mocking me, and laughing at me. They would insult my answers to questions. They would mark correct answers wrong on my work when they volunteered to grade papers. They stole my school supplies. Some of the laughing was coordinated by the teacher. This was to prove that the school was correct in striking me with objects to inflict pain. It was their way of proving that I needed to be abused to turn that grade C into an A. The results they faked where declining grades.

I have heard the same old story told by teachers, parents and school staff. They say that things are different now, things have changed. They say this to every generation so they can continue to practicing their evil works. They get away with it because they have the ex-teacher judges on their side, and also the police. They are also protected for any actions they do, evil or good, by all the people in the related professions. They unconditional side with the teachers. They do this even when they no they are guilty of evil. These people have also been socially engineered to see the evil, as false or good. To automatically replace it with righteousness, rather than recognizing the injustice.

"She is an adult and a teacher, she has no reason to tell a lie." "Who is going to believe you, the student with the history of bad behavior, or the adult, who is a teacher?" Those are two of the things they said when I tried to cry out for help against them. Because I was an ignorant young kid who's parents had little money, there was nothing I can do for defense.

Year after year I was abused by teachers and students. They would always instigate the trouble, deliberately turning me into a problem child. I ran away from the teachers and ended up skipping my classes. I never got my high school and middle school education.

I was not the only student who was victimized by them. At the beginning of school they would walk around the class room, and walk up to some of the students and tell them, "I am going to turn you into an example for everyone. You are not going to make it." This to me means they hand picked which students where going to be abused by both teachers and students. They deliberately created problem children. They know how to turn students into "problem children", because they where taught how causes it. This was supposed to prevent the teachers from creating problem children.

All of those students had the same thing in common. They where all white, and they all had little money. Why little money? Because according to statistics, children in poor families are more likely to misbehave, and become abusers. According to modern research, there is nothing unusual about a poor child becoming a problem child. I know they knew this, because I heard them discuss it with one another in the hallway.

Not all of the school staff where evil. I was protected and defended many times by Godly people. I think it is the only reason I am still alive today.

If the schools where forced to keep video and audio recordings of the entire day in each class room, it would prevent abuse the teachers create. The parents would need full access to those recordings so they can see their student in the class rooms, uninterrupted and unedited. They also should be allowed to watch the video live from their computer or phone. Modern filtering technology allows recordings to be searched and scanned with software, and with modern storage capacity there should be no problem for a cheap system like this to be implemented in all schools.

It would be strange and unusual if the school finds reasons why they can not allow the students to be recorded while at school. It would be even more strange if the parents where not allowed to see those recordings. If they are doing nothing wrong, then they should be willing to put this type of system in place.

An additional method for stopping the abuse is to put a body camera on the students. Every student would have their own body camera. The camera could prove who is really at fault for the crimes that the teachers instigate. The teachers them-self should be required to wear body cameras. If all teachers and students had their own personal body camera. Then it would put an end to false accusations done against teachers, and also molestation done to students. It would also allow the police and judges to make clear decisions when persecuting students for bad behavior. It would be harder to get false witness and delusional witness to be used against people in the judicial system.

And also one more method is hidden audio technology. The audio recording can be used to catch the teacher speaking evil things and evil desires over the students. With modern criminology, the real criminal can be found with one of those devices. This can be done even when the criminal is doing camera tricks.

Spy tools such as cameras and audio recording devices can be purchased from public stores on the internet. It is very important that you keep an eye on your children, and have physical evidence against anyone who is judging your children in unfavorable conditions. When you have a video and audio recording to use, you can know if your child really is guilty of the crime you are punishing him/her for.

Keep a copy of the recordings, it can be used against the unjust judges in an unjustified judgement after seeing that evidence. These recordings then can be blasted all over places like youtube.com, along with a story about the unjustified judgement. Do not forget that you can go higher up in the command of chain in the judicial system.

Teachers and physiologist preach about putting an end to abuse by getting to the children. Well lets get to the children and put an end to abuse, lets expose where it is originating at. Lets give them a layer of protection, lets all buy or children body cameras.

Cameras are cheap, and so are used computers. There is no reason the schools cannot install recorded surveillance in the schools that allow parents to view. It should be no problem for the government to charge this small fee on the bad credit it has already withdrawn. Body cameras are affordable, and audio recording technology is even more affordable. Getting this eye witness on our children is cheap.