Why all things in the world are worthless.

All things in the world worthless. All of the money, sex and power in the world is worthless. There is no amount of offspring or live stock that has any value. The gold, silver, copper and iron is just worthless scrap. All of those things have no more value than the human dung running around in the sewer systems of any city or river.

There is no amount of money that can get a person out of hell. Nothing can save a person from hell. When an individual ends up in hell all they can think about is the pain they are suffering from. A pain that will never end, not even for eternity. The human soul is immortal, indestructible, it is God's perfect design.

Charity, peace, life and nourishment for both the flesh and soul cannot even save you. Those things however have value, as they can help lead an individual to acquiring the only thing that has value, which is eternal life.

Jesus Christ is the only way to have eternal life. That gift can only be gotten from Jesus as a gift from him. Jesus will freely give that gift to anyone who asks him for it. All any individual needs to do is repent from sin, obey God's word, accept Jesus Christ as their God, and ask him to forgive them for any thing they have done wrong.

The gift that Jesus Christ gives to all man kind is not of the world, but of the spirit, God the father.