The perfect candidate, and the evil candidate.

You know the current candidates, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Marco Rubio and the famous Donald Trump. In this article I will talk about how I want the future candidates to behave them-self. I will also talk about why I hate the behavior of the current candidates, and the candidates we have had for the last 10 years.

The candidates are childish. They are busy mocking, blaming, and defaming each other. Always fighting and arguing with one another. They are like teenagers from middle school who never grew up. They do not act like adults, but more like children. All of this mocking and blaming, and deformity actions have nothing to with how they will handle our country. Or does it? I hope not.

We learn how nasty their mouth is. We learn how much they can hate another person. We learn that they know how to dig up gossip on other people. They are judgmental, hateful, and full of defamatory remarks. They have a dirty mouth that needs to be cleaned up. People look at their skin and can see they have washed their body, but they do not realize that their inner man is filthy and needs to be washed by Jesus Christ.

I want candidates that stick to the point, who are serious. I want candidates that are not the type of person to attack another person. Candidates who will admit to their own mistakes, and correct them, rather than blame another person and hide. I want candidates that build up, rather than tear down. Someone who has spent their time handling government business rather than finding gossip. I want a president who will spend less money than what he earns. Rather than increasing the spending, rand raising taxes which still do not cover the cost.

The forefathers knew government better than we do. They had the perfect plan given to us, and now it has been defiled. "In God we Trust." The candidates are clearly not children of God, but children of the devil. They take pleasure in hurting each other, rather than loving one another.

A wicked and evil ruler is for a wicked and evil people. It is God's plan and promise, and it is fate. What can I do about it but complain and pray.