Breaking a Contract with the Devil

From having being ministered to by a deliverance minister, I learned how to break the curse of having a contract with the Devil. This article will explain how a contract that is made with the Devil can be broken with the power of Jesus Christ.

The steps involved are repentance and dedication. After the individual has gone into repentance, and then made Jesus Christ their God, the individual must stay with Jesus Christ. Not staying with Jesus Christ can result in seven times the curse. But keep in mind that God is a God of mercy, he will take you back again and forgive you again, just as the parable of the prodigal son. Jesus said to forgive your brother not seven times, but seventy times seven. Jesus is a God of mercy.

The following prayer must be made to Jesus, the individual breaking out of the curse must repeat the following, "Jesus, I come to you now. Please forgive me for all of my sins against you, and other people. I forgive everyone for their evil deeds against me. I accept you Jesus Christ as my Lord, as my God. Lord Jesus, come into me and be my God."

The next step is to denounce the contract with the devil. The following prayer must be repeated after the previous prayer, "Lord Jesus, I repent, and denounce all other God's that I have been with, I accept you Lord Jesus as my only God, my only Lord. I hand you the contract, so that you will destroy it with the fire of the holy spirit. Deliver me Jesus, save me Jesus. Jesus I thank you for hearing my prayer, and for saving me."

Know that God owns all, their is no higher power than God. Anything that anything or anyone owns, God can take away, and take away by force. Can can take anyone he desires away from the Devil, and God's desire is to have all of man saved.

Demons and the Devil will make an attempt to lie to you, and torment you into believing that you where rejected. They will lie to you in an effort to continue having power over you. You must have faith in Jesus Christ. It is needed to continually learn God's word. Reading the holy bible is the best source of wisdom for learning God's word. God said that those who seek him, will find him. When reading the word of God, that is the holy bible, ask God to open your eye's to the meaning of the words, to reveal what it means. Ask God for wisdom and knowledge. And pray to God for deliverance from evil and their temptations. Asking Jesus to save you no matter what happens, no matter what mistake or bad decision you make, will help you to acquire salvation, and eternal life after death.

If you humble yourself before Jesus, before God, and ask him for forgiveness, he will hear you, and forgive you. He will then heal you and save you. I will end this article with a link that contains valuable information on spiritual warfare and deliverance.

On January 24, 2016 I am placing this article into the public domain of the United States of America.

Delivereance manual written in english.

Online searchable bible in many langauges and versions.