Is spam evil? Does God hate spam?

Is spam evil? In this article I will explain why it is evil, why God is against spam in the United States of America. I will explain why I think this evil is a big one.

In order to promote my articles I started building an email list from a country who had no spam law. All I wanted was for people to read my articles, this would give me page views.

I had a dream about processing my email list, when I suddenly found myself moving downwards coming to a platform, I saw a large wall of fire. The fire was so thick that light could not pass through it. I emailed my pastor and asked him if he could interpret the dream. He told me the fire represents evil.

The fire in the dream represented how evil the spam was, or how great the evil that was going to come my way was. Either way, the tribulation was not worth it. This was a warning from God. I of course stopped with my efforts to build an email list to spam people in the country that had no spam law.

God's commandment is to obey the full law of the government. The only time we are to break the law, is when the law is unmoral to God, such as worshiping idols. To break the spam law, is to break God's commandment. Even if the spam is meant for a good godly purpose. This makes spamming in the United States of America a sin towards God, and the people the law is protecting.

Do not spam, rather build an opt in, and opt out email list. Ten thousand opt in email lists is worth more than 1 million spam lists.