What is the superior way of life? The truth is God's way.

Why is God's way the prefect way of life for everyone? I will talk about sin and the law of God in this article. I will explain why God's way is the best way of life anyone can ever have.

The first thing I will talk about is violence. Domestic violence, murder, rape, are things that God said not to do. The breaking of commandments of God have unintentionally caused violence in society. Fornication is the example I will use in this article. Fornication causes jealousy, as a result people become violent. They can become so violent that people will die. This also can lead to rape, and it can lead to domestic violence. If we would obey God's commandment and not commit adultery or fornication, we would make the devil unable to cause violence when involved with this sin.

If we where to obey God's commandments we would not have children molested in our society. It is an act of fornication. The devil teaches men and women that nothing is wrong with fornication or adultery. He does this with an argument taking advantage of the ignorance of people, "What is wrong with it?".

Everyone is included, even the poor. With God's commandments everyone has a place in the world to live, and can survive. With man's and devil doctrines, people are left to starve to death. This is what the devil wants for all man kind, is for them to die. There is no respect towards persons with God, but with the devil, hate and prejudice. Prejudice has caused murder and a multitude of other crimes which are sin. Some people steal things to survive, and kill the people they rob.

There would be no prejudice, not even against the disobedient. The disobedient who will end up punished by the cruel judicial system.

Forgiveness is another very important reason God's way of life for people is better. With forgiveness people have a good reason to repent, they would be accepted into life after being punished. With the devil's or men's way of life, nobody is forgiven. Unforgiveness causes rebellion. Repentance and change are seen as useless by the individual who is unforgiven. They will corrupt society in their rebellion, in an effort to be acceptable part of it. This is seen happening here in the United States of America.

We could have fewer people living in jail if they would obey God's commandment. Instead people go into the world teaching other people to rebel against God, to reject God, to rebel against their country, to reject the law. They do this speaking lies about their better way of life. These people have been, and are sitting in prison and jail. Is this the idea of a better way of life? Maybe for the person who caused the rebellion, as they take pleasure in doing evil. If they do not repent, God has a place for them, God has a place for everyone.

Everyone could feel safe, even the disobedient. The disobedient would have a way to repent, to have forgiveness even for a horrible crime such as murder. The disobedient would be more willing to confess their crime, and turn them-self in. The obedient people would not fear the disobedient or their government as evil is not practiced. Evil acts, sinful acts would happen rarely.

People would never worry about their wife engaging in sexual relationships with other people. They would be certain that the children they have are in fact theirs. The traditional marriage vowels would be fulfilled. They do not need to worry about their children on such a level, that they could allow their 7 year girl to walk around in the neighborhood, without any worry, as evil people are rare. We could leave our doors unlocked, or even open while not home. How many people do you know have to lock their doors when home?

Stop with the disobedience and accept the superior way of life God has given us. Get into a church and become a christian. Practice deliverance and spiritual warfare to fight evil. We could have a peaceful society, a peaceful world. Unless the people in our society become obedient, we will not be able to rest until God has locked up the devil in Hell for a thousand years. Stop being an idiot and accept God, you will NEVER find a better way of life. Everyone could have all the desires of their heart, if they would only accept Jesus Christ as their God.