A little bit about the mind of a demon.

In this article I will tell you a little about the mind that a demon has, and the things they do. This article is not meant to glorify demons, but to defame them. It is also meant to warn people about the threat of demons, for the purpose of saving their life and soul.

The first thing I will tell you about demons is what Jesus said about them. He said that the devil has only come to steal, kill and destroy. No matter what they do, no matter what they say, their goal is to steal from you. Which in turns will kill you. They then try to destroy you in hell.

They steal your mind, they steal your health, they steal the truth from you. They steal your peace. They steal your children. They steal your money. They steal your place with God.

They will try and kill you any way possible. They will try to cause accidents. They will try and cause other people to attack you. They will try and kill you buy having you hurt another person.

If they have you separated and in rebellion against God when they kill you, then you will be banished to hell. This is their desire, for all of God's children to burn in hell.

The bible says that demons cannot be saved. I believe this is because they are pure evil. It is impossible for them to repent. The bible says they do not tell the truth, and their half truth is not worth anything. It is impossible for them to tell the truth, which brings me to the conclusion that they cannot repent. This to me, means they are in a state of perpetual madness. Because of their evil, which they cannot repent from, they are only capable of doing evil. Anything done by them that might be perceived as good, is done for the purpose of evil. It is very easy to do evil, all you have to do is anything that breaks God's commandments.

They shape, mold, force, and trick people into having a mind more like theirs. To bring people closer and closer to a state of none repentance. Your sanity is what they are stealing. Some of those people who have lost their mind to the devil, also, go around just like a demon, converting people to have a mind like theirs. All of the problems in life are demons.

What can be done about this? Jesus Christ is the answer to all of the problems in life. With the authority of Jesus Christ you can ask for holy angels to catch, to arrest those demons, and to have them cast into hell. To get that authority, you need to repent from your sins, and ask Jesus Christ to be your God. The first step is the sinners prayer, then continually follow after Jesus and stay in repentance.

The following is a sinners prayer. "Lord Jesus, I come to you now. I repent from my sins and ask you to forgive me for them. I ask you to save me from the devil and demons. Please come into my heart and become my personal savior. Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer." If you ever find yourself sinning, then immediately repent and ask Jesus to forgive you.

Next find a deliverance minister and get baptized by both water and spirit. Seek Jesus with your whole heart and he will come near to you, and dwell with you. Seek him diligently.

All you need to have the authority of Jesus Christ, is to have Jesus Christ as your God. He will give you the authority over all of the enemy, all demons and even Satan. This means you will have dominion over none believers.

Read the bible to learn how to properly use that authority. The book of Matthew will teach you many important things. Be-careful of what deliverance minister you find. The things that he speaks must line up with God's word. So read the bible, know God's word, then you can do what's called, testing the spirits. The bible will teach you how to test the spirits. For now you want to read the new testament, but later read the old testament.